Network Setup

To use the network plugin, you need to add the plugin to your Flipper client instance.


The network plugin is shipped as a separate Maven artifact:

dependencies {
debugImplementation 'com.facebook.flipper:flipper-network-plugin:0.79.1'

Once added to your dependencies, you can instantiate the plugin and add it to the client:

NetworkFlipperPlugin networkFlipperPlugin = new NetworkFlipperPlugin();

OkHttp Integration

If you are using the popular OkHttp library, you can use the Interceptors system to automatically hook into your existing stack.

new OkHttpClient.Builder()
.addNetworkInterceptor(new FlipperOkhttpInterceptor(networkFlipperPlugin))

As interceptors can modify the request and response, add the Flipper interceptor after all others to get an accurate view of the network traffic.


To enable network inspection, add the following pod to your Podfile:

pod 'FlipperKit/SKIOSNetworkPlugin', '~>' + flipperkit_version

Initialise the plugin in the following way:

#import <FlipperKitNetworkPlugin/FlipperKitNetworkPlugin.h>
[[FlipperClient sharedClient] addPlugin: [[FlipperKitNetworkPlugin alloc] initWithNetworkAdapter:[SKIOSNetworkAdapter new]]];