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Images Plugin

β†’ See setup instructions for the Images plugin

The Images plugin enables you to inspect what images were fetched, where they are coming from, and selectively clear caches.

Currently, the plugin supports Fresco as the backend.

Images plugin

Cache Inspector​

Images are grouped by the different caching layers they are stored in. The current fill rate of the cache is shown and you can choose to selectively clear caches.


Images can be annotated with attributes that can help to determine the context in which an image was loaded and displayed. You can use that information to filter by a particular surface or only inspect images that are in the critical path of your application (such as during a cold start).

Leak Tracking​

Dealing with large resources can require special APIs to be used that circumvent usual garbage collection. The plugin enables the tracking of CloseableReferences for Fresco on Android that weren't properly closed, which can help you improve the performance of your app.