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Troubleshooting iOS Issues

Flipper is a 'work in progress' and issues may occur. This page contains known issues associated with the iOS platform and provides steps you can take to try to resolve them.

In-app diagnostics​

You'll need to manually add this ViewController to your app to see the in-app diagnostics.

iOS device not showing up​

Make sure idb is installed and configured in the Flipper settings.

iOS simulator device not showing up​

Ensure that your simulator is on the same version as selected in xcode-select. You can do that by checking that commands ps aux | grep CoreSimulator and xcode-select -p shows the same Xcode version. If not, update the xcode version by sudo xcode-select --switch <Path to xcode>

iOS app connection error "Connection failed. Failed to find device..."​

If during connecting iOS app to Flipper you see error message "Connection failed. Failed to find device [device_id] while trying to connect app" - try executing idb kill on a terminal and restarting Flipper as workaround to reset idb state.