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LeakCanary Plugin Setup

To setup the LeakCanary plugin, take the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you have an explicit dependency in your application's build.gradle including the plugin dependency, such as is shown in the following snippet:
dependencies {
debugImplementation 'com.facebook.flipper:flipper-leakcanary2-plugin:0.256.0'
debugImplementation 'com.squareup.leakcanary:leakcanary-android:2.8.1'
  1. Update your the onCreate method in you Application to add the LeakCanary2 plugin to Flipper and the Flipper listener to LeakCanary:
import com.facebook.flipper.plugins.leakcanary2.FlipperLeakEventListener
import com.facebook.flipper.plugins.leakcanary2.LeakCanary2FlipperPlugin


override fun onCreate() {

set the flipper listener in leak canary config
LeakCanary.config = {
copy(eventListeners = eventListeners + FlipperLeakEventListener())

SoLoader.init(this, false)

if (BuildConfig.DEBUG && FlipperUtils.shouldEnableFlipper(this)) {
val client = AndroidFlipperClient.getInstance(this)
add leak canary plugin to flipper