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Using Deeplinks

Flipper supports opening Flipper through deeplinks via the web+flipper:// protocol.


The following link format can be used to open Flipper and open a specific plugin:


The parameters are specified as follows:

  • plugin-id - [required] the identifier of the plugin that needs to be opened, as specified by the id field in package.json.
  • client - [optional] the name of the application that should be opened. For device plugins, this doesn't need to be specified. If not set, the user will be prompted to select a client.
  • devices - [optional] comma separated list of device types that are acceptable. For example, iOS,Android or Metro. If set, client and plugin-id must be running on this type of device.
  • payload - [optional] any additional string argument to pass to the plugin. Note that this argument should be properly URL encoded.

Using this deeplink format ensures that:

  • [FB-ONLY] The user is logged in & connected to Facebook.
  • Flipper is up to date.
  • [FB-ONLY] The specified plugin is installed.
  • The plugin is available on the provided client / device, or will prompt the user for a valid device / client selection is made on which the plugin is available.
  • The plugin is enabled.

If a plugin is opened through a deeplink, for which a payload was set, the onDeepLink handler will be triggered directly after initializing and rendering the plugin.


The same payload format can also be used to open other plugins programmatically from inside another plugin, by passing the payload as second argument to selectPlugin.