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Using Node.js APIs

Flipper plugins must be designed to work inside browsers. For that reason, you should avoid using Node.JS APIs directly (with, for example, modules like fs, child_process, path), or packages that depend on the plugins.

The most important Node APIs can be found by using getFlipperLib() (exposed by the flipper-plugin package). Please note that these APIs are all promisified:

  • fs - use getFlipperLib().remoteServerContext.fs instead.
  • child_process - use getFlipperLib().remoteServerContext.childProcess.exec. Note that this API is intended for short lived processes only.
  • path - use import {path} from 'flipper-plugin' instead.
  • os - use getFlipperLib().environmentInfo.os instead.
    • For system-specific directories such as 'home' and 'desktop', use getFlipperLib().paths.homePath and similar.

In the future, these APIs may be subject to further security / permission restrictions to better sandbox plugins.